Tinnitus awareness week

This year, tinnitus week takes place between 3rd and 8th of February at Midtown Speech & Hearing Specialists, Aluva, with a focus on raising awareness for the need of ongoing causes and treatment for tinnitus. 

“Tinnitus is the perception of an audible noise in absence of an external stimulus.  The majority of tinnitus suffered is subjective, whereby only the sufferer hears and experiences noise; but occasionally tinnitus may also be objective, which can be heard by others.  30% of individuals will experience tinnitus at some point in their lives, but it is persistent in 10-15% of the population.  The prevalence of troublesome tinnitus increases with age and affects both sexes equally.”

“Treatment for tinnitus first of all includes the diagnosis or exclusion of treatable ear conditions that can be associated with tinnitus (for example Meniere’s disease and acoustic neuroma). Once treatable pathology has been treated or excluded, the three pillars of tinnitus management are: explanation, sound therapy and intervention to reduce tinnitus associated distress. “

“At Midtown Speech & Hearing, we have experienced Audiologist who can help you manage your tinnitus.  A detailed history, examination and hearing test will be performed at your consultation to grade the severity of your tinnitus and diagnose any treatable ear conditions.  If required, further supporting investigations will be arranged to help tailor your management plan.”

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